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Glorifying God by serving in my local church ministry is the purpose of my salvation (Ephesians 2:10).


Ministry service will demonstrate the reality of my faith


The laborers are few(Matthew 9:37).


Ministry involvement enhances biblical understanding


There’s great reward for service

Involvement in ministry is a life of service for Jesus, like Jesus, and with Jesus. In fact, it’s all about Jesus. The foremost characteristic of the life of Jesus Christ was and is service. We are most like Him when we serve as He served. By serving, I behave like Jesus and glorify Him.

We’ve been called to a Life of to service!
God calls us to serve just as Jesus did. He saved us so we could serve Him and others. When we do this, we honor Him with our lives. The most important thing you can do outside of accepting Christ as your Savior is to give your life to Him and allow Him to use you each day.Serving God is mandatory for all who have been saved! You don’t volunteer for Jesus’army; you’ve been drafted!(I Pet. 4:10.11).


This is the department responsible for following up our visitors and members through regular visitation program coupled with strong telephone ministry.

The workers in this departments are trained to make calls, send mails and ensure we get in touch with those who have visited the church as first timers.

The thrust of the department is towards our visitors primarily and members secondarily. The Visitation team is very active most weekend and they do roster people or workers around areas of their dwelling communities, the follow up materials of the church include discipleship materials to aid young believers grow in the Lord.

Love Angels Unit is a very special one to the senior pastor because they are responsible for creating a ‘loving’ atmosphere in church after services, the workers in the unit are called ‘FOTA Angels’ and they are responsible for meeting new members weekly as well as ensuring workers are called on their birthdays regularly as a Manifestation of God’s love. We believe that ‘by this shall all men know that you are my disciples…’ (John 13 v 35). The Love angels send birthday numbers of hundreds of workers to others on a weekly basis, create warmth in church after services by greeting people, and also encourage members to send cards to one another.

The Welfare department is responsible for taking good care of our members who need some care and love, this is what you might want to call ‘love’ unit of the church even though all units should show love to their workers. The Welfare thrust of the church is clearly geared to meet 4 categories of needs in our midst, namely, Education (we pay school fees for those who can’t afford to pay); Health (we also run an intervention fund towards paying health bills of our members in good standing); Transportation (we help members who come to church and need transportation fares to go back home) and finally Food Bank ( we provide food to homes on a regular basis, we believe that no member of the church should ever go hungry without food or no home should lack food ). The Welfare policy is designed towards accommodating members in good standing, these ones are defined in the following ways, must be born again, should have attended our POTS academy, should be known in the Community through community church and should be working in a department.

Transportation department is responsible for meeting the transportation needs of the church during our special programs by providing busses in addition to the church buses. The department is staffed with workers that range from drivers to auto engineers, they also ensure buses pick people up from different destinations on Sundays and Wednesdays for services.

This department is also be responsible for maintenance of our buses and buying new ones for the church. We transport students from campuses and also ensure we provide the same for the aged amongst us.

The Lord spoke very clearly about this department in Matt 25 v 36 ‘…I was sick and you did not visit me’, which
is why we set up the hospital department. The department is responsible for planning and executing hospital visits to nearby hospitals, both private and public hospitals to pray for the sick, the role of the workers in
the department is to show Christian love to those on their sick bed, we go there with a FOTA hospital ministry pack, which contains a ‘get well soon’ card, healing and prayer scriptures, some groceries, and healing tape from
the senior pastor.

POTS is the acronym for Perfecting Of The Saints, culled from Eph. 4 v 12 ‘for the Perfecting Of The Saints…’ It is the Workers Training Department of the church, where all workers and prospective workers are trained in the
scriptures primarily about what we stand for in FOTA: our creedal statements, our culture and way of life.

It is not a Discipleship program but simply a workers training program for the church. People that work in FOTA go
through POTS and eventually become workers and members of FOTA. The classes run for about a quarter during the year and we ensure there are only 3 sessions during the entire year.

Workers Academy is the ‘Discipleship’ program of the church for her workers and those considered members.

They are broken into classes every Sunday throughout the year along ministry and departmental lines.

The teachers or ‘disciplers’ are trained to pastor the workers and develop their Christian life by dealing with topics that include doctrinal, moral and contemporary issues.

The Academy is a Discipleship Academy unlike POTS that is strictly a quarterly class for training prospective workers in the church and integrating them into departments.

The Neighborhood evangelism department is the arm of the church responsible for carrying out the Great Commission in our ‘Jerusalem’ through a well mapped out strategy of the our immediate community. The team designed a weekly program to evangelize the communities near our church environment with ministry materials.

They meet to go out during the weekends and the Home Invasion Ministry (H.I.M.) is a program directly under the supervision of the department. The department has all the streets in the neighborhood and attempts to comb them all annually.

The baptismal department is responsible for getting members, workers and worshippers baptized in water as regularly as possible.

Water baptism usually takes place monthly but can be more regularly if necessary. Members of the department take good care of the baptistery in the church and are also responsible for running the 4 to 6 weeks classes for those to be baptized before they are baptized.

Only matured believers are deployed to this department to work for the Lord, because it is a very sensitive department.

The church runs a school of ministry locally for those within and outside the church who are interested in ministry because they feel a burden of some sort and a calling into ministry. The school is NOT a Bible school but deals with some subjects taken in Bible schools, the training is for those who hunger for more and those who work in this
department are very much a select group of members in the church. The school runs 3 to 4 times in the year and the senior pastor takes the training seriously.

The children’s church is the department responsible for taking care of our children during services. The departmentruns the church like a school and ensure the children are treated as pupils. The teachers are well trained and versed in children education. The school, under the leadership of the head of ministry, runs several other programmes and seminars during the year for the children. The church also runs their version of parents/teachers meeting, a forum where the stakeholders (parents and teachers) rub minds together to discuss the issues that affect the welfare of their children. It is a well-run and equipped church that is driven by modern trends in children education but rooted in spiritual depth. The church runs a choir group for the children, dance group as well and ensure that children discover their talents early enough.

The Ushering department is a very important department in the church, solely responsible for ‘order’ during services, setting up before the services, cleaning up after the services as well, distribution of fliers and materials and are gate keepers during the church services. The department plays additional roles as security in the auditorium during services, protecting the altar with smart and security conscious believers, and many more like the above mentioned.

Ushers are the image makers of the church and give a positive impression to all worshippers about the values of our church. They also stand as human directional signs because they give direction to worshippers who need to know where some places are. The unit is the ‘helps’ unit basically according to the
scriptural expression in I Cor. 12 v 28.

The department known as pastoral care is responsible for taking care of our pastors after services, this is the
protocol unit of the church that is responsible for guests’ relations.Members ensure all special guests (pastors
and visiting ministers) of the church are well and adequately taken care of by providing transportation, airport services, hotel bookings, ticket purchases, refreshments, fruit baskets, gifts, etc.

The workers in this department are cautiously screened by the leadership of the church for obvious reasons, however those who have professional experiences in protocol services are encouraged to serve in this department.

The security unit is responsible for safety, security and protection of lives and property during services.
Members of this unit man the car park, ensure safety of vehicles, liaise with the police for additional protection during special programs, connect with the ‘good boys’ as wellI, maintain good relations with our neighbours, patrol the church premises during our services.

We encourage members or worshippers who have military or para military experiences to join this department and provide assistance where necessary.
The house of God must be protected by Angels and Security personnel always.

Church is a place and house of prayers, so the department of Prayer Retreat is different from the prayer band because they primarily plan departmental prayer retreats for the ministries in church. The workers serve as watchmen (Ezekiel 33) for the church and other departments.

It is important that we do not slumber in the spirit or sleep off while working, so they plan and execute retreats for all departments throughout the year.

The Prayer Champions are those who work in the Prayer department of the church by ensuring the church prays very well. This department prays every Thursday and members are free to join them, they also are responsible for leading prayers during services and always first to arrive on Sundays as well.

Members and workers there are in control of the Prayer room of the church, they enjoin others to attend prayer meetings regularly.

Someone once said, ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ and I totally agree with the thought of a clean environment in the house of God, hence the Sanitation Squad of the church.

The department is responsible for cleaning the church auditorium, restrooms, compound, office complex, dominion hall, etc.
They also plan the monthly environmental sanitation day in the church, when we expect all members and workers
to come and clean the Father’s house, every third Saturday of the month. The department keeps their store and makes requests for cleaning materials for the church periodically.

AItar beautification is the department that takes good care of the altar regularly, our collective team of interior decorators and architects make up the department and come up with regular designs for beautifying the altar in agreement with the vision of the senior pastor. The altar is the place of excellence for any thriving church organization and speaks about the burden carried by so the workers combine their professionalism with spirituality to come up with great quintessential designs. The departments needs the set man, many professional hands and minds.
T’he church has embraced the green revolution in line with global trends and to protect our planet before the rapture takes place. Therefore, we have the Environment and Landscape unit to ensure we are in compliance with making the planet safer and create greenery around the premises. This department is not just to ensure we have green environment but also a clean environment. Slightly different from the SSS but generally ensures the clean church environment with her sister department.
The church specially set up this department because of the very poor restroom culture in the church some years ago, now we have people dedicated to keeping our restrooms clean, fresh and decent by ensuring clean water, availability of air fresheners and toilet papers. People hardly want to work in this department because of the nature of the work, but we still encourage those who have a passion for hygienic environment to join and deploy their graces in ensuring this department is continually functional.
This is the department in church that sets up and church businesses. The department still manages in the embryonic stage at the moment and we hope to stimulate the church by creating jobs for members through church run businesses. Such businesses shall be beneficial to ministry like Crèche, Printing Press, Transportation Business, Shops and Malls, T-shirts making, etc. Workers in the department shall be those with astute business experience and strong moral values based on scriptural depth.
The senior citizens are our fathers and mothers who have crossed the age of 65 in the church.We would love to have them fellowship and meet their unique needs in the church. The unit is self-explanatory and membership is strictly age determined. They run programs and fellowships for their colleagues.
Sports Department is the use of sports to do evangelism and promote fitness in the church. The department is responsible for ‘fitness’ programs for members like aerobics, walk of life, family feast, etc. It isalsoresponsible for using sports as an evangelistic tool to reach some communities by setting up games in those communities (especially the gated communities), which include football, table tennis, lawn tennis, etc. The senior pastor believes that some communities that won’t open their gates to the church normally may do so in the name of sports. Workers in this department must be sports enthusiasts and equally evangelistic as well.


A church without people visiting the altar to give their lives to Jesus, rededicate their lives to the Lord and making commitments to renew their faith should be considered a dead church. We haven’t died and rather have become stronger because of this department. Our altar workers are a team of trained professional and spiritual counsellors that take care of the people that visit the altar for any of the above reasons. The department is very critical to the spiritual health of the church and help in sending people to different classes after the altar visit. They understand deliverance services, power services, healing services and evangelistic services all have different altar visitors hence they treat the visitors differently also.
Telephone counseling and call centre are two of new departments, responsible for counseling people that may want to remain anonymous and at the same time would love to talk to someone about their burdens. The department also makes calls to all our altar visitors to encourage them in their walk with God coupled with their commitment to our Him.
The church visitors are taken care of by the department known as ‘First Timers’, they ensure our visitors have 5-star treatment after service in a private lounge where they’re refreshed with cakes and drinks, assisted in filling our guest forms, aided with pastoral counseling / prayers for those who might need pastoral attention after service and finally ensure that the visitors are called after leaving on the same day. The team comprises of people who have hospitality gifts and skilled in human relations. The senior pastor believes the First Timers’ Department should be the image makers of the church hence he encourages hospitable people to serve in the unit.
Good Sound is important for a great service, therefore we have skilled workers in this department. The role of the department is to provide technical support during and after services for the membership and worshippers to enjoy God’s presence. The Sound unit is responsible for ensuring smooth and silky sound in the auditorium and also other meeting rooms in the church, the department also provides audio for the Media unit for production of ministry materials like DVDS, CDs, etc. It is a technical department so we enjoin technically sound members of the church to serve in this department.
Media is the department responsible for production of video materials, projecting of scriptures during services, maintenance of our cameras, and providing video support during our special programmes. This is not a difficult department to understand but very skillful in nature that only people with media background or strong desire for media should work there. The department runs its operations from a media room and has dedicated workers who over the years have been providing media solutions for the church. They also work with the church office strongly to achieve this goal and send the telecast productions to television stations on a weekly basis. The department projects the church in the right image.
The world has become a small village since the advent of information technology and, especially the social media. Hence the outdoor activities of the church have become social media driven and the digitalization of our procedures has made the social media department very important to the senior pastor with the attention it has gotten over the years. The department is responsible for creating and managing very strong social media platforms for the church, publishing the Word on social media regularly, publicizing our programs via social media, creating friendships from church members through social media platforms, etc. The members that are active on social media are expected to join this department and by so doing become Social Media Evangelists (S.M.Es.)
The church has several Choir groups that help worshippers meet the Worship and praise needs. The choir is a more spiritual group than secular, hence the requirements to join this group are very strenuous and strict because of its technical nature. The church encourages people of all ages (not youth alone) to join and lend their voices to lift God up during our services. The choirs available presently are Seasoned Psalmists, Nuwine Voices, Dominion Teens Choir and Children Choir. The music ministry very young with Praise Teams being trained in the art of Praise and Worship. The Department organizes worship concerts, hymnal concerts, and other musical programs for the church.
FOTA is a ‘family church’ and we believe in values that enhance family togetherness, hence the Intending Couples Department. The unit runs classes for intending couples on a weekly basis and provides marriage preparatory counseling through well trained marriage counselors in the church. The classes are NOT pre-wedding conditional classes; but people are encouraged to attend before their wedding takes place in or outside the church. The Family Care Ministry is the parent body that oversees the department of Intending Couples Fellowship and the fellowship runs the classes and organizes other programs for the couples. The workers there are trained teachers and counselors.
The young Couples Fellowship is responsible for the activities of young Couples in the church through regular fellowship programs, classes, and counseling sessions with our marriage counselors. The workers are also young Couples themselves and not singles, the marriage age of the fellowship is 10 years andbelow which is about 20% of the life expectancy of marriages hoping that people marry for a minimum of 50years in life. The fellowship is a place where people that don’t want to be seen in the visible departments can work and still be effective in the church without being seen on a weekly basis in the visible departments.
The women department of the church is known as Beulah Ladies and their function is to take care of the needs of women in the church. The workers in the department form the executive and cell leaders. This is a very funto be with department which includes some very dynamic units like prayers, nursing mothers, visitation, outreach, etc. The department organizes the annual Mothers’ Day celebration in the church and also drives the gender agenda against abuses of any kind, in addition to the above, the department also plans seminars that are beneficial to women in particular – especially health related and parenting seminars. The Beulah Ladies plan programmes for women in the church. All women in the church are NOT members of Beulah ladies but only those who work in the department.
The King’s Men is the department responsible for taking care of Men’s needs in the church.They run a regular programme called ‘ManCave’ to address the issues that plague the gender and also sensitize them of new discoveries globally. The King’s Men have workers who plan programmes for all men in the church. Theirprogrammes also include finance-related, home-keeping, spousal abuse, etc. All men are NOT members of King’s Men.
The young people about age 18 to 24 who are just discovering their strengths and understanding their personalities are as Klub Daniel. The church took this name from the known prophet DANIEL in the scriptures and hope our younger youth (above teens but not of marriageable age) will take a cue from his life in captivity. The workers there are in two-fold: Counselors and Workers. They plan programmes for the younger youth in the church, discover hidden talents, help in education by paying school fees, etc. We encourage young people to serve the Lord from their youthful ages just as the scriptures enjoins us in Eccl 12 v I. Klub Daniel is the place for young people of those age brackets to devote their lives to God and while in campus, they should be involve in campus fellowships.
The Dominion Teens department helps mold the lives of our teenagers and steers them straight early in life. The workers in the department are also in two fold – their Counselors and Teen Workers themselves. They run a church every Sunday in their hall, have their internal departments,like choir, drama, ushers, etc. The church is constantly looking for leaders with uncommon passion for teenagers to help in mentoring them and the opportunity is very open with the Dominion Teens unit. Understanding the present dangers facing our teenagers today through unfettered access to the internet and parental abuse as well, we take the faith and life of our teenagers very seriously, we encourage matured people to serve in this unit.
The matured singles in our midst have unique needs to be met, such range from friendships, relationships, networking, career, and spiritual. That is why we have the 412 department in the church and the unit is responsible for meeting the needs of the matured, working class singles in church. 4 2 is taken from the Epistle of Paul to Timothy chapter 4 vs 12, ‘Let no man despise your youth, but be examples of believers…’ The fellowship meets on Mondays and their workers run the fellowship. The church encourages many members to become workers in this department by joining through the ranks. They plan other programmes regularly but chiefly Chill Out and 412 Sunday as well. The Senior Pastor personally takes teachings or what he calls ‘ coaching sessions’ every Monday with the young used to be called Singles Mingle but had a name change to 412 recently.
The Senior Pastor used to be a dancer when much younger as a non-believer, the church he attended and where he got saved didn’t encourage such talents but he has now set up the Dance Group in the church. We believe this will become very evangelistic and bring people to the knowledge of Christ. The workers in the dance group will show their talents and skills in doing all kinds of dances except those sensual in nature and perceived as non-Christian. The dances will include Traditional Dances, Choreography, Cultural and Western as well. The department will embrace technically sound workers.
The church Drama group is a unit responsible for preaching the gospel and teaching believers through drama. Nollywood has become a multi-talented industry and the church wants to have impact in society through the art of drama. The members who love drama are encouraged to join the drama group and use their talents to promote the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The senior pastor used to lead drama groups several years ago and was also a script writer, so he particularly loves drama in church, hence his love for the unit. The drama group acts drama skits on video, drama shows on the altar, drama festivals in church and provide drama playlets for church programs,etc.
The legal department is the place where our lawyers provide free legal services for members who need such. There are many legal mistakes people make daily because they lack legal counsel, so the members who work in this department help our worshippers and members by giving them free legal counsels regularly. They also represent our members in good standing in cases that involve the police, etc. The unit needs lawyers and members with para-legal experience to serve the needs of the Body locally.
Like the legal unit, the Medical department also provides support to members in good standing and worshippers who need medical assistance. The church is very particular about the health of her members and worshippers, so this is one instance where membership is not needed to enjoy the medical benefits. We have matured medical doctors and health staff who ensure the health status of our members are taken care of. The church needs more workers in this department because our Lord Himself spoke about this case in Matt 25, ‘l was sick….you didn’t visit me’. We also run a clinic in the church through the free services of our medical doctors as well.
This is another professional department in our church, we have workers here who render professional financial counsel for members in good standing, these counsels include taking loans, investments, evaluation of feasibility studies, partnerships etc. We enjoin members with financial experience to work in this unit and give sound financial service counsels to worshippers lest they make wrong financial decisions in life. This is a department that solves problems for members and also empowers them financially by sharing business opportunities with members of the church who may not know.
The Real Estate unit is the department in church that helps members look for houses in Surulere specifically and Lagos generally. The department assists our members in getting affordable houses and also serves as professional advisors concerning locations to get houses. Members of the unit work directly with the Legal department of the church to ensure our members are not scammed and also get favorable solutions with their colleagues also. They may NOT serve or provide this for free but certainly are encouraged to assist the church members, which is why those that work in this department are technically sound in real estate services.
The Empowerment Bureau is the department saddled with the responsibility of ensuring our members get jobs, the unit functions primarily by running training programs for members, linking up with employment Bureaus outside the church, sifting resumes of members, posting vacancies regularly, running seminars often, coaching members for special interviews, etc. The workers in the Bureau are NOT human resource people ONLY but members of the church who are concerned with unemployment and have some influence in the market place. The Bureau is actively and regularly updating the resumes of those who even need new jobs and want to also change careers also.
Great Leaders are Readers!This is why the church has set up Book Club Department and the role of the unit is to ensure our church is a ‘reading’ church, by providing books for the month, run book reviews’events, run the church library, loan books to members with GAP ID cards, and ensure the leaders get a book a quarter that they read on church leadership. The book club workers will be responsible for getting books that are in line with the vision of the church and buy many copies to loan out to worshippers. They will be registered with other book clubs worldwide especially Christian book clubs.


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