Vanity of Life

Have you ever thought of why the biblically acclaimed wisest man that lived on the planet earth versed out his controversial conclusion on ‘living the life’ or ‘living the America dream’ as Vanity. His submission is controversial when you consider the capitalist philosophies of life: Make Money, Be Selfish, Love Gold, Girls and Glory, Live Your Life and Enjoy the Good Things of Life etc.

Meditate on the statements of Solomon the Preacher king who was also a son of David and develop an opinion about life; “I said in mine heart, go to now, I will prove you with mirth (festivities and pleasures), therefore enjoy pleasure and behold this also in vanity” and‘I was great, increased more than all that were before me ….whatever my eyes desired I kept not from them….all was vanity and vexation of the spirit, THERE IS NO PROFIT UNDER THE SUN’ (Eccl 2 v 1,9-11) 

There must be a better explanation to the above verses concerning how best to live life and enjoy what God has freely given to us, after all Paul told us to do so ‘Charge them that are rich in this world that they be not high minded nor trust in uncertain riches but in the living God who gives us richly all things TO ENJOY’ (1 Tim 6 v 17). So how should we live in this world and ensure we don’t live vainly but Goodly on earth to please God.

3 Ways to Avoid Vanity of Life 


  1. Live For God: Any life lived on earth without God in perspective is a Vain Life, it is what Solomon calls Vanity of Life and Vexation of spirit. We must live for God on earth for our lives to count before Heaven and even mankind. Have you noticed that those who lived for God while alive are remembered well after they leave? I ask you to consecrate your lives for God in service and holiness.
  2. Live For Humanity: The second secret of living a good life and not vain one is to live for others, especially humanity. Find something to do for those around you that cannot reciprocate your gestures. Fight for the weak and feeble, help the poor, do something that will outlive you. Ensure you don’t just walk on earth without touching lives. Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela are but few of the people who lived their lives for Humanity and I love Al Gore who is living for the Greenpeace initiative for humanity today.
  3. Live For Your Children: This is the most personal and simple thing you can do. Living for your children is simply defined as living an exemplary life on earth, ask yourself every time you do something, ‘Would I Want My Children To Do This?’ Once you hesitate then it isn’t good enough. I’m sure the armed robbers won’t want their kids following their steps, the rapists won’t want their daughter to go through what they take other ladies through in life, the senators who are robbing generations unborn of their privileges won’t want that to happen to their children and can’t be pruned of their deeds, etc. We must learn to think of our children when living our lives like God boasted of Abraham in Gen 19 that ‘He would teach his children…’ 

I hope this piece has been a blessing to you, don’t live a Vain Life but a Good Life.

Be Inspired!
Yomi Kasali (Rev)