TITANIC: Too Big To Fail

Titanic was the name of the British liner that sank after colliding with an iceberg in 1912 leaving over 1500 people dead in the North Atlantic Ocean. That massive ship was built to last and predicted not to fail, the sheer size was second to none in those days that even the captain of the ship said ‘even God can’t sink this ship…’ Yet the ship sank and today many are still building titanic-like organizations without the help of God.

The very thought of Titanic inspires something Gigantic and perhaps too big to fail. It reminds me of corporate America with so many companies that people felt were too big to fail but they fell like Goliath fell in battle in the bible. Enron, AIG, Lehman Brothers, and the likes were so big that people couldn’t imagine the failure of such colossal empires yet they all came down crumbling.

The Tower of Babel was the biblical version of a modern day titanic project that failed, the tower was stopped by God through the confusion of languages of the builders. Meanwhile such gigantic projects that survived like the Ark of Noah was not only inspired by God but managed by Him for the 100 years it took Noah to build. I remember the fall of titanic above 100 years ago and would love to admonish my readers today who are building empires that they hope will be difficult to pull down but failing to realize that only God can decide what can’t fail.

Psalmist declared that except the Lord builds a house they labour in vain that builds it, therefore let us acknowledge the hand of God over the years in making gigantic projects endure and not man alone. The following are my wise counsels to all of us who strive to work, live and stay in safe zones based on size. Many in our times love the idea of safe zones in business, nations and churches which are defined by the size of such corporate and religious entities and not God or fulfilment of the adherents thereof.

Here are three (3) lessons I’ll share with you from Titanic

  1. Except the Lord Builds: it is important to know that God is a builder and only what he approves on earth will see the light of the day. Except the Lord builds a house, corporate enterprise and religious organizations, they labour in vain that builds it. Make sure that God is involved in whatever you are building or else you may just be building a Titanic Business that will crumble with time
  2. Too Big To Fail: This is probably the most important lesson from the Titanic, never say something is Too Big To Fail in life. I was having a chat with a friend who said that some major Christian organizations like the Catholic Church and so on, are too big to fail and I quickly corrected him that nothing is too big to fail outside God. Of course we all believe that some churches have become empires, hence ruled by emperors and not apostles, but they aren’t too big to fail. Some other people love to work in big companies because they are perceived as too big to fail; yes they are too big but not too big to fail.
  3. Captain of the Ship: Who is the captain of the ship of your life, some have carelessly given the ship of their lives to mortal men to direct the affairs and not God, look at the high and mighty on board that Liner in 1912, they though the best shipmaster was steering the course of the Liner, though that may have been true humanly speaking but the most reliable Ship Master is the Holy Spirit who may take a different course for our journey but knows where the icebergs are. I trust God that He knows where obstructions that may cause destructions are and will carefully steer the ship of your life away from such.

Be Inspired!
Yomi Kasali (Rev)