My Silent Prayers

I am a man known to be very jovial and outgoing on the outside but deeply meditative on the inside, there are so many times that things may be tough around me and boisterous outside my immediate work environment, but I always would resort to the quietness of my soul to find strength in my treasured Silent Prayers, they always work miracles because I would immediately be refreshed.

Christians and believers should understand that prayers are powerful when they are from the depth of our souls. As much as I believe in loud prayers in public, I have found out that Silent Prayers should be done more in private for us to find peace and calmness within.

The bible says affirmatively that ‘…in quietness and confidence shall be your strength:…'(Isa 30 v 15), the power of Silent Prayers are known by those who practice Easter Religion through transcendental meditation which is just an inferior path to peace. True rest and refreshing comes from Silent Prayers made in quietness to affirm confidence in God.

10 Silent Prayers to Pray
1. Let me not make my friend an enemy and an enemy my friend.
2. Let me not fall into the hands of man but yours Oh Lord.
3. Let me not be naked and think I am clothed Oh Lord.
4. Let me not be Dis-Graced in life but Grace me with Honor.
5. Guide my feet from the pits and traps of men.
6. Let the thoughts of my heart and meditation of my soul be acceptable to you.
7. Do not deny me food and clothing so that I will not lose faith in you.
8. Do not give me too much money that will make me deny your existence.
9. Keep me in health all my days so that I won’t need healing from sicknesses.
10. Keep me from Harm’s way all the days of my life.

The above are my secret silent prayers that I pray and hope you can make them yours as well.

Be inspired.
Yomi Kasali (Rev)