Much Ado about Big Brother

There has been quite some uproar on the high level of immorality displayed on the Nigeria version of the reality cable television show, Big Brother. The purpose of this piece is not to attempt to justify either the show or the uproar. My aim is to look at the underlining current of the happenings side-by-side the role of Christians in the mix.

The Big Brother show was designed to be immoral. Those who signed up for it have a pact to do the unthinkable for the sake of fame and mammon. Those who participate know that they must recant their belief in the dignity of all privacy including nudity. They are [blissfully] aware that part of the intrigue that improves their ratings is their capacity to sleep with strangers.

I find that there is more than a thing wrong in many places as it relates to Christians who follow the show and expect that its actors work against its purpose. The church has become so accommodating of immorality to the point of insanity. Since we have become more like the world, we hope that the world will become more like what we are supposed to be.

Why do we expect to get light from darkness? Why do we demand that murky rivers produce spring water for us? Do we believe that there would be anointing service on Big Brother or that the housemates will make altar calls? Why do we hope that Big Brother would be regressive in its immorality? Perhaps because we are regressive with our spirituality… (Luke 6:43-49)

Let me shock you. The devil is a progressive. Satan is committed to populating hell. Even Jesus attests to this in Mark 3:25. The devil’s kingdom is standing [for the moment] because it is cohesive on its purpose. The church is supposed to be society’s beacon to doing what is right but we seem unfortunately to have been so distracted to a point of loosing our purpose.

In 2014, there was a similar uproar when, Hollywood promoters decided to act a grand mass gay wedding during the Grammy Awards. In my article ‘Of the Grammys and values’, posted on my Facebook page on 29 January 2014 and now available on my blog, I asked a few simple questions…

“So what? Were the ‘conservatives’ (especially the Christians) really expecting to one day tune in to a broadcast of the event and find Eddy Murphy preaching his heart out, Celine Dion accompanying him in worship and the audience falling under the anointing?”

Interestingly, Beverly Osu’s bathtub frolic during the Big brother season of the time was one of my highlights in that write-up. Three years down the line, we have learnt very little. The devil invests in its kingdom but Christians are unwilling to put their money where their mouth is. Could it be because all we do is pay lip service to our faith while we busy our hearts with double standards?

Like I mentioned in the write-up, it is difficult to keep up with the Holy Spirit while keeping up with the Khadasians. Let us put our house in order. All the ‘it-does-not-matter’, let-us-move-with-the-trends liberality with sin within Christianity must stop.

We must shine so that the unbelievers may come to the brightness of our light.

By Tunrayo Alaka