KNOCK! KNOCK!! Who is there?

This is a famous English game that kids play with their parents to teach some moral lessons about courtesy, politeness and other virtues of hospitality. I never enjoyed playing the ‘Knock! Knock!! Who is there’ game with my siblings while growing up because it was too alien to my culture and I really never it got going in those early days of mine.

I saw something similar in the scriptures and felt like sharing my thoughts on this lovely game with my readers. Jesus told the Laodicean church in the book of revelation about His being locked out of the church in this fashion: ‘behold I stand at the door and Knock, if any man hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and sup with him and he with Me’ (Rev 3 v 20). What a way to do Jesus:“Knock! Knock!! Who is there”?

Imagine a householder being locked out of his own house. What kind of church will hear the ‘knock knock’ of the Master and yet not respond? Why would He be locked out of His own church?What couldpossibly be the reasons why people may not want to open the doors for Him when they hear His voice?

Below are four (4) dramatized scenarios illustrating thingsabout the Lord we don’t like that may or may not influence us in opening for our Lord.

  1. The AMEN:

Jesus: Knock! Knock!!

Man: Who is there?

Jesus: The Amen of God.

Man:  Who is this Amen?

Jesus: He whose Word is final, whose Opinion is not subjective, Whose Judgment can’t be appealed,

whose thoughts are Pure, Who says and SO BE IT regardless of your tribe, tongue and social


Man: I won’t open the door because I want to have my way, my opinion should be the Final Say etc.


  1. The True Goldsmith: 

Jesus: Knock!Knock!!

Man:    Who is there?

Jesus: The True Goldsmith

Man:    Goldsmith who?

Jesus: The True Goldsmith who makes genuine gold not false gold of the earth. I counsel you to buy

from me the True Gold (wealth) for other riches are not immune to moth and rot. Mine

will give you true wealth, true clothes and peace as well.

Man: I thought I am rich,increased with goods and have no need of material things like clothes

also not miserable, how come my gold is not true gold and can vanish away with time.


  1. The Shepherd and Teacher 

Jesus:   Knock! knock!!

Man:    Who is there?

Jesus: The Shepherd and Teacher

Man:    Shepherd and Teacher of who?

Jesus: The Shepherd and teacher who loves His own so much that He corrects them by rebuking,

chastening, reproving and correcting them, because my love is shown sometimes in my

chastisements and rebukes. Kindly take corrections for your own good and not resist them

for your destruction.

Man: I do not see love in chastisements and rebukes but I guess I will open the door to you for my



  1. Your Friend: 

Jesus: Knock! knock!!

Man: Who is there

Jesus: Your Friend who misses you

Man: My friend who?

Jesus: Your friend who wants to come in and have supper with you, your friend who wants to have a

relationship with you not just bless you with food but ‘sup’ with you. The essence of our faith

is friendship and relationship, your friend who wants to fellowship with you in Just Worship

and Praise.

Man: Oh come into my heart and let us fellowship together.


Be Inspired!
Yomi Kasali (Rev)