Happy New Year!

 ‘…and the evening and morning were the first day…’ (Gen 1 v 5) 

I am writing this article to you prophetically because the devil just lost the most important battle of the year 2016, which is to keep you from entering the year 2017.Happy New Year to everyone reading this piece at this point in time regardless of what time you stepped into church and received this bulletin.

From the above verse, it is obvious how God defines the beginning of a day. His day starts from the Evening into the Morning which is very unusual to human beings on earth. It is honestly very baffling for me that God will instruct His Servant, Moses to write this down several times in the first chapter of the Holy Book, which means it wasn’t a mistake in verse 5, because it appears again in verses 8, 13, 19, 23, and 31. Six times Moses claimed a day starts from the evening and ends in the morning that is why the piece tonight is wishing everyone in this auditorium Happy New Year before the Clock clicks into 2017 officially.

My thoughts on how to start a new year will be summarized in numeric points below and you must ask God to help you actualize your potentials this year by activating the power within you according to Eph. 3 v 20.



  1. Enthusiasm:Start the year with lots of Enthusiasm and not Apathy like the previous years. You stand to lose nothing by releasing the fire within and Energy that you carry.Infect everyone around you with so much energy to the point of belief. Be very enthused about the things that God has in store for you this year and this will be your best year yet in Jesus name (1 Corr. 2 v 12).
  2. Positive Outlook: Let the disappointments of last year (2016) go with the past and embrace a very positive outlook this year. This is the paradigm of champions and great people. Kindly ensure you are Positive this year and not Negative at all. This is a new year and fresh opportunities await you in Jesus name.
  3. Right Company: The Bible tells us that evil communications corrupts good manners (1 Corr. 15 v 33).Hence make sure you keep good company of friends this year or else you will not move beyond where you were in 2016. The English adage which says ‘birds of same feathers flock together’, is very true.Don’t flap around with chickens if you want to soar with eagles.
  4. Start with God: The best way to begin anything is to begin with God.In fact I like the way the Bible puts it in the book of Genesis and John, ‘in the beginning, God..’ and ‘in the beginning was the Word..’, so the above verses sums up the best way to start your year and anything you want to do in life. Start with ‘God’ through ‘His Word’.
  5. Vision and Dreams: I have just ordered that an inscription should be made and placed on my desk with the words, ‘ THINK AND DREAM BIG’. This is my last but not the least of things to do in the best year of your life. You have to Think and Dream big with God.In fact I found out that God loves Big Thinkers and Dreamers, which is why He is attracted to those who do that. Your Father is a Great God and wants you to Think Big this year. Enlarge your mind and embrace Big thoughts.


Shalom and Happy New Year.

Yomi Kasali (Rev)