This is the women wing of the church. They comprise of the married ladies, single ladies and experienced senior sisters. They welcome newly married women, form visitation and evangelism groups, plan outreaches and fellowships to sustain Christian virtues and relationships amongst the women. They are to organize soft skills training for the young girls and teach the single ladies the virtues of womanhood. They search out the ladies going through troubles in their homes and counsel and pray and contribute towards their upkeep. The Beulah ladies are the moral conscience of the church. They are to organize rotational meetings from house to house. They shall also take turns to dedicate themselves for sundry purposes like church cleaning.


This loving department is concerned with showing love to members in church through the love project initiative of the church. They are responsible with knowing where our members are through constant calls and visits to members in the respective cells. They are love-givers.


This unit is geared towards evolving a business mind-set among members at ensuring innovative ideas and initiatives are sustained.


They ensure that calls are made regularly to the following: Members, Sick members, First timers, Birthday celebrants, Invitees, All other calls that are required by the Pastorate and church office


This is an extension of the church in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The aim is to disciple students and also to empower them in discovering and achieving their purpose in life.


Takes care of children, teaching them and build them up using biblical and instructional teaching methods. A beautiful department where children are groomed in the admonition and fear of the Lord.


The church has four singing groups namely, Seasoned Psalmists, Nuwine Choir, Teens Choir, Children’s Choir

The music ministry’s main mission is to inspire, uplift, train and direct those whom God has anointed and called into the music ministry with a spirit of service, humbleness, and excellence. They minister music that ministers to people’s souls and above all their main purpose is to glorify God through music by creating an atmosphere of worship and free flow for the move of the Holy Spirit.


The Community church is established to create an atmosphere for physical, emotional and spiritual support to the church family and friends (our community) based on biblical encouragement and support.[


This group is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that proper account and documentation of money (through cash or POS) is done after each service in Church.


The main aim of the department is to glorify God through expression and movement. This unit blesses and encourages others, and are blessed themselves, but their primary purpose is to worship JESUS.


This is an arm of the church that is chiefly responsible for the beautification of the church. We believe the house of the Lord should be an epitome of beauty


]A drama department can be a powerful tool in a church’s arsenal for reaching the lost. A good drama can make a congregation feel the point of a message, rather than just hear it. Ultimately, a good drama department can become a powerful outreach tool to help the church fulfill its mission. The primary function of church drama team is to entertain. This department also functions during special programmes such as the Giant Killers’ Conference etc.


This dynamic unit is the 21st Century compliant unit ensuring that we are up to date in the e-world. This unit will be at the forefront at improving the FOTA brand using the different social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, website etc.


This unit helps member to get trending jobs. Organize seminars for job seekers and those who want to change their jobs. They are also involved in organizing business empowerment programs. Get information on business and Jobs that are trending. Inform members of uncommon business opportunities.


This is an arm of the church that is chiefly responsible for intending couple classes, counselling and marital issues.


This unit of financial analysts will advise the church on financial matters and provide new ways of increasing the revenue base of the church through business ideas and initiatives.


This lovely ministry is concerned with welcoming first timers and giving them a warm reception. They are the connecting link between the church leadership and the first timers


The primary responsibility of this unit will be to coordinate the communion service.
This entails educating the congregation on the spiritual benefits of communion and the implications of eating the bread unworthily.
They will purchase and preserve all materials to be used for communion- The vessels and the plates.
The communion unit must also ensure that all its members are available for any impromptu calls to serve communion at other functions eg birthdays etc.


This unit shall map out strategies to reach out and minister to one hospital or prison every month.
They shall minister the gospel foremost and also in needs.
They shall train a team of evangelists and bible scholars who should be on hand to be deployed at short notice to preach and win souls and new converts to the church.
They will also have a volunteer team that will show care and friendship to elderly people with a view to evangelizing them in their homes.


It is often said that reaching the world in this 21st Century is also using the power of the electronic media. This department handles the TV ministry of the church using modern technology.


This wonderful unit is solely responsible for evangelism using 21st Century methods and techniques. It is also involved with the strategic distribution of fliers, brochures, special invites involving programmes in the church.


This is an inter-denominational Club, which is been fashioned in the development of young talented teenagers and also giving them godly platform to showcase their inherent talent.


This unit will form the official representation of the church to the government, its agencies and its subsidiaries. They will also be in charge of all correspondences with our contractors and high end vendors. They shall advise and counsel the church on legal issues, land purchases and tenements, disputes and all other sundry things. Pending cases will constantly be reviewed by them and if need be will form a legal team to process documentations and validation for the church or individuals as recommended by the church.


This will be the church first aid team. Medical emergencies will be referred firstly to this unit for counsel. They will also give out free consultation services to church members. They will create a first aid kit in all church vehicles and advise all church members to do the same. This unit will be on hand at all meetings and will function especially in crowd situations. Their names and numbers will be available to other heads of units for quick access


This unique ministry is solely responsible for co-ordinating the affairs of men in church through the provision of an empowerment programme (for the unemployed) so that men can stand in the gap and fulfil their leadership role.


This is the discipleship arm of the church, thereby teaching the prospective members what they need to know about the church and beyond before they become members.


The prayer department (unit) is saddled with the responsibility of evolving the culture of prayer in the church- thereby making the church a praying church. It is also involved in planning the prayer programmes for the church such as the Mid -Year Programme, Creative Days and prayer retreats. They also are also involved in counselling.


This unit is in charge of enforcing the orderliness of the church. They will chaperon the Senior Pastor, his guests, see to their proper sitting and get involved with their welfare. The protocol will also form an advance party to any programme or engagement involving the Senior Pastor or any other group in the church that will be going out. This unit will co-ordinate to also liaise with other units for refreshments, gifts and honorarium for guest ministers and visitors to the church. They also welcome guests as they come in to church with a warm smile and express an atmosphere of happiness.


This unit is solely responsible with the print media for the church. They are involved in publication of newsletters, devotionals, booklets and transcription of sermons into books. This is indeed a beautiful department in church.


The aim of this is to carry out research that is geared to the development of the church. Furthermore, it is geared to make the church more people friendly and for people to have a good perception of what we believe and stand as members of the body of Christ.


This is an evangelism arm of the church that is involved with taking the Gospel of Christ to the rural places and showing them the Love of Christ.


This department is in charge of cleaning the sanctuary and the surroundings of the church. The sanctuary is cleaned weekly; the surroundings of the church will be cleaned once a month.


This unit is responsible for the security of the church during programmes and to ensure that there is order within and outside the church premises. The security and patrol department is responsible for ensuring and enforcing security in the sanctuary and on the parking during the Sunday morning.


Aimed at providing fellowship among aged people and to encourage them to love one another.


This wonderful unit will meet regularly to bring the singles together to ensure more bonding. It will also be in involved in planning singles’ programmes in and outside the church. The Friendship Centre is a wonderful place to be and they meet once a month.

Though we are many, we are one body. Our departments and units supply various functions to make the church healthy and vibrant, in the pursuit of the vision of the house.

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